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Formed the Project Support Task Force

On 4 September 2014, the first meeting of the LIFE AGROintegra Action Group took place at the headquarters of the Department of Rural Development, Environment and Local Administration of the Government of Navarre. Its main objective is to establish the roadmap for the transformation, at a regional level, towards an integrated agricultural model.

This Task Force is made up of the project partners, as well as other relevant actors that include entities from the various sectors involved, since the guarantee of the success of this project lies partly in ensuring that key actors and the most relevant targets of the agri-food production sector are represented. In particular, this first meeting was attended by representatives of: Public administration: Agriculture Service of the Government of Navarre Technology and transfer centre: INTIA - Innovation, Technology and Management Unit - Food Unit

Cooperatives and Farmers' Representatives: UCAN Agrarian Cooperative Society Orvalaiz S. Coop. Artajona cereal cooperative society. AN S. Coop.

Representatives of the agri-food industry:"Consebro. - ULTRACONGELADOS VIRTO S. A. - GELAGRI IBERICA S. L. - FROZEN NAVARRA S. A. U.

At this first meeting, the functions of the Group were agreed, the schedule of meetings was defined and the support of the Task Force for the Project Demonstrations Working Protocols was materialized. In addition, the role of the Group was valued in relation to the dissemination and promotion of the project in particular and integrated pest management in Navarre in general. The Action Group of LIFE AGROintegra will be consolidated as a stable working group at the end of the project, since it will be the core of the Integrated Crop Management Platform that aims to be the reference group of Integrated Agriculture in Navarre, an entity that will ensure the continuity and transference of what has been learned in the project.

ARGOintegra at the LIFE13 Regional Kick-off Meeting

The regional launching meeting of the LIFE13 projects organised by the European Commission in Madrid on 9 September last and attended by representatives of the projects approved under the LIFE 2013 call for proposals in Spain and Portugal provided an interesting opportunity to make contact with projects of interest in the search for synergies with LIFE AGROintegra, since the afternoon session was devoted to parallel working group sessions. LIFE FITOVID (Implementation of Demostrative & Innovative Strategies to reduce the use of phytosanitary products in viticulture), a project developed in the Basque Country and coordinated by Neiker, was identified as one of the most interesting projects.

Other projects with which preliminary contacts have been established and with which concrete collaborations will be assessed include LIFE+ IRRIMAN (Implementation of efficient irrigation management for a sustainable agriculture), LIFE PISA (Innovative eco friendly traps for the control of Pine Lepidoptera in urban and recreational places), LIFE Aquemfree (In-Farm remediation by solar photocatalysis of agro-waste water with pesticides from remnants, cleaning and rinse) and LIFE Aquemfree (In-Farm remediation by solar photocatalysis of agro-waste water with pesticides from remnants, cleaning and rinse.

Jornada informativa del Programa LIFE en Pamplona

El pasado jueves 17 de julio de 2014 tuvo lugar en el Departamento de Desarrollo Rural, Medio Ambiente y Administración local una jornada informativa sobre el programa de financiación europeo LIFE, organizada por el Gobierno de Navarra y la Universidad de Navarra y a la que asistieron más de 70 personas de Navarra y de las Comunidades Autónomas limítrofes.

Jornada de lanzamiento de LIFE AGROintegra

El pasado día 1 de julio de 2014 tuvo lugar en INTIA la primera reunión del consorcio del proyecto LIFE AGROintegra, en el cual se presentaron las acciones a desarrollar por parte de cada responsable, y se entró en detalle de las acciones más inmediatas.

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